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Flexi-Bar training

Another great way to incorporate vibration training into your sessions!

The FLEXI-BAR® utilises vibration training (similar to that of the vibration plate) to work the deep muscles of the core (muscles that attach to the spine).
The FLEXI-BAR can be used for strength and endurance training, and also for specific rehabilitation purposes.

Everyone, from athletes to the elderly can use the FLEXI-BAR to achieve their desired results. Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for a performance sport, or just interested in improving your fitness, then the FLEXI-BAR can be incorporated into your training regime.

FLEXI-BAR works all of the muscles of the entire body. The action of shaking the FLEXI-BAR causes a vibration to be passed through the body. This vibration pushes, or stretches the muscles out of their natural alignment. This misalignment sends an automatic message to the brain, via the nervous system, that the muscles have been stretched. The brain sends a message back to the stretched muscles to “contract” or shorten, in an effort to bring them back to their “centre”, or state of equilibrium.

This type of contraction is known as a “Stretch Reflex Contraction” and is a form of contraction that we physically cannot control or create. It is created by an outside force – such as using a FLEXI-BAR or Vibrostation. These types of contractions use up to 100% of muscle fibre, compared to 40-60% recruitment of traditional training techniques.

FLEXI-BAR is also very safe to use. It is impossible to swing when you are tired, or when your muscles are fatigued. If your muscles have had enough, your FLEXI-BAR simply will not swing.

Benefits of the FLEXi-BAR:

The FLEXI-BAR enables EVERYONE to be able to experience VIBRATION Training.

Sports teams and organizations currently training with the FLEXI-BAR include: