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Two years ago my son Ryan had a life changing car accident and was left with brain damage, the loss of his left eye and very limited sight if any in his right eye and on occasions his behaviour can be challenging. After spending seven months in various hospitals and then some time at home Ryan needed to build up his strength, mobility and co-ordination.

Before his accident he was not one for any type of exercise so we were unsure how he would cope. He has been training with Amy for 6 months now and the change is quite incredible thanks to Amy’s patience, dedication and expertise his balance and co-ordination has vastly improved, his mobility has increased. Amy is always enthusiastic, encouraging and cheerful and is able to relate to Ryan even when his behaviour becomes difficult and the icing on the cake is Ryan really enjoys his training and looks forward to his weekly sessions.

I can’t thank Amy enough for all she has and is continuing to do for Ryan and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for any kind of personal training. 

Tracy (Mum of Ryan aged 20), Upminster

I had started my weight loss journey (losing 3 stone on my own) but quickly realised I wanted to get fit and tone up at the same time, so I started training with Amy in January 2011.  I was still very overweight and unfit, I was unable to join in with my children running and playing.  Amy made me feel at ease as I hated exercise and was very body conscious.

I felt better as I started to see results and 5 years on I have lost a further 4 stone and 50 inches!  I am feeling fitter and stronger and a lot healthier and I can now join in with my children and the best thing is I now enjoy exercising!

Amy has been there to support me through this and give me a push when needed!  Without Amy I know my success would not be what it is now!

I would without doubt recommend Amy to anybody who is looking to exercise!

Hayley aged 39, Wickford


Want to feel fabulous and fit in your 40's?  Amy's the answer!  When I first went to Amy both age and weight were creeping up on me.
However, 5 years on, I am fitter, more toned, and lighter than I was in my 20's.  As a result, I feel more energetic, am physically healthier and my self-confidence has soared.

Amy makes each training session fun, different, and completely tailored to your individual needs.  She finds out exactly what you want to achieve and gives you all the help, advice and motivation to get there - it works!!!

Dawn aged 44, Thorpe Bay

I started training and soon found out I was 5 weeks pregnant.  Amy adapted my fitness plan to suit so I was able to continue training throughout my pregnancy and I felt great right up to the end.  Now my baby is 12 weeks old and I'm glad to be back training again after a cesarean and yet again Amy has adapted my plan to suit.  I feel more confident and much more positive since training and look forward to each session.

Kerry aged 25, Westcliff-on-Sea

When I first started training with Amy, I was an overweight, unconfident 17st 10lb unhappy man who didn’t enjoy exercise.  I ate unhealthily and drank too much. I decided to change and booked an appointment with Amy. 

I remember being so nervous but as soon as I got there, Amy’s friendly personality put me at ease.  On the first session I couldn’t even jog on the treadmill but Amy was very patient and helpful.  We took it one day at a time and watched what I ate.  I lost over 4 stone and my fitness dramatically increased.  I can now run on the treadmill and my confidence has soared.  

I still train with Amy, 3 years after that first session.  It changed my life!  I would recommend Amy to anybody.

Dominic aged 25, Grays

I looked for a personal trainer because I am low body weight and wanted to tone up, increase muscle strength and bone density.  I wanted a trainer who undertook home visits and after looking at her CV I thought Amy would best meet my requirements.

I have been seeing her at least once a week for over a year sometimes at home and sometimes in her studio.  I have always found that she strikes the right balance between her sessions being fun whilst concentrating on delivering my fitness objectives. Amy is always encouraging, cheerful and enthusiastic and I have found it impossible not to be motivated to work hard towards achieving my goals.

In fact my husband thought that I was getting on so well that he decided that we should train together at Amy's studio once a week.

I am pleased to say that I have been able to achieve a better muscle tone and have more confidence in my body shape.  

If you are looking for a personal trainer I can recommend Amy to you.

Lynne aged 57, Chelmsford

We want to grow old with dignity and maintain our independence, exercising helps promote this and gives us a zest for life.

Marion aged 87 years, Ilford

I now feel a lot fitter and can walk to the end of the road with just my stick.

Lizzy aged 84 years, Barkingside

We love to see Amy each week, she is always friendly and happy and we enjoy doing the fun exercises with her.

Bill aged 81 years, Barkingside